Design Inspiration

The month of July means different things to different people. For some its long days relaxing on a warm sandy beach with the sound of the waves and the crisp white sails of sailboats floating across the endless blue horizon. For others it may be lounging on a dock at the edge of a cool tranquil lake with only the sounds of the birds in the background. It can also be as simple as taking the time to enjoy your own backyard and puttering in your garden. No matter how you spend your July the one thing we all seem to have in common is that we crave that calm, relaxing summer vibe that it always seems to bring. We want to savour it and take it all in for it is with us for such a short time. It is possible, however, to get that same relaxed, airy feeling in our homes all year round with the simple use of just one colour. We seem to have a lasting love affair with white, and why not, it’s timeless, suits every room in the house, never goes out of style and can serve as a backdrop to any decor style. White is always right. It’s just to find the right white that seems to make some of us shy away. 

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July Design Inspiration

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